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Title: Welcome to Infinite Forum Works!
Post by: Forum Administrator on September 07, 2020, 10:36:40 AM
Welcome to Infinite Forum Works. No personal information is required to register and post on this forum.

This forum exists as an advertisement. It is here to show you what you could have when you contract with NixaWeb to host your website and or forum. This business model is simple and inexpensive. It provides the curious the opportunity to evaluate the benefits of owning their own place on the Internet. At any time you may take your website to anyone you wish to fill it with "bells and whistles."

Anyone is welcome to post their comments here, if they limit their language and topics to family friendly subjects and do so with courtesy and respect.

Suggested topics include how to get your first website.
How to secure your electronic device.
How to get help repairing your computer.
Help setting up a home network.
The best "Open Source" software and how to support the "Open Source" community.

The possibilities are infinite!
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