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Advantages of a Website
« on: September 10, 2020, 06:47:29 PM »
Today, many promote their business or service through "social media" platforms. Actually, you get one page of THEIR website for free to use. They keep control and ownership while promoting THEIR business and selling advertising space on YOUR "free" page.

Others offer to create your website for you, or give you a "canned" website based on available artwork. Once you have your website and domain name, you cannot move it to a different web host because YOU do not own the domain name, they do.

When you contract with NixaWeb for your new website, YOU own and keep control. YOU get to select the artwork you like. YOU get to create additional pages to display your business or service in the best light. Remember, you are starting with an entry-level, simple design website, but YOU have the choice to take your website and domain name to whomever you wish if you want the "bells and whistles."

How much information about your business or service can you put on a "Business Card?" How much will 500 Business Cards cost you? How hard will it be to distribute them to potential clients? Your website is like a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year "Business Card" on EVERYONE'S smart phone. How much can they learn about your business or service from your website before they contact you? The retail price for hosting this website, Infinite Computer Works, amounts to $12.50 per month as of this writing. Compare that to the cost of a box of "Business Cards." Which would you rather have?

When you own a domain name, you can create an email address with "Yourname"@ YourBusinessName. Every time you send email you are advertising YOUR business and NOT some free email provider. Why not add that "Professional" touch to your business or service?  It doesn't add a penny of cost to owning your own website.

A forum, like Infinite Forum Works, is an ideal platform to communicate with potential clients. As you answer questions about your business or service, that becomes part of the forum. You only have to answer once, then you can direct future inquiries to the posted answer. And like TEXT and email, you can respond to your potential clients at YOUR discretion.

NixaWeb is a self-service website hosting provider for those who want to do for themselves. Contact Robert, at to choose your domain name and NixaWeb will create your new entry-level website for you. From there, "The Possibilities Are Infinite."

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