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Welcome to Infinite Computer Works

The inspiritation for Infinite Computer Works came from our motto: "The Possibilities Are Infinite." So, this website can serve two purposes:
1)  It can show you the possibilities for your own entry-level website at minimal cost.
2) Through the forum, continue to be a repository of helpful information for computer users everywhere.

Forty years ago, only the largest institutions could afford to have a presence on the Internet. Over time, the cost of hosting a website on the Internet has continued to decline so that today, even a small home-based business can afford their own website. The advantage of having a business card available 24/7/365 on EVERY smartphone cannot be exaggerated. Then there is the advertising bonus of having email with "yourname" @ "Your Company." Every time you send an email you are advertising your business or service.

And, while there are other choices for making yourself known on the Internet, when you contract with NixaWeb for your new website, you own and control what you own. You are free to take your website and domain name to whomever you wish.

A forum is an ideal platform to communicate with potential clients. Have a look at Infinite Forum Works!

Whatever your choice, "The Possibilities Are Infinite."